Where Art and Tone Meet




Acoustic Guitars

African fretboard


Your guitar can be a reflection of your passions in life as well as sound and play great. Roberts can make your dream guitar using the synergy of time-tested design, modern method with an extensive inventory of aged beautiful tone woods to choose from.



ELECTRIC guitars

SC Jr. Tribute


Ever pick up a vintage guitar that looks awesome only to realize that the tone and playability doesn’t get the job done? Roberts builds classic and original style electric guitars with high-output hand-built pickups that sound great, exceptional playability, and killer good looks.


guitar stands


You own the guitar of your dreams.  Regardless who made it, it’s more than just an instrument; it’s your “baby” AND an investment. Don’t risk breakage leaving it on a cheap imported metal stand. Protect it with a hand built hardwood furniture quality stand that will show off your treasure and protect it at the same time.